Company Philosophy and Background

My Wife, Gabrielle and I, have been in business for more than 20 years and have managed and constructed full homes, renovations and remodels from Napa to Pebble Beach and in the Hawaiian Islands.  Projects have ranged from modest homes of less than 2000 square feet to high end residential homes of more than 20,000 square feet, and have varied in scope from simple and small remodels to complete homes.   During our career we have managed other companies and our own with great success. 

The time spent over the last years has helped us define exactly the path of our company.  Although the challenge of multiple projects has its merits, we have come to realize that to attain our most important objectives; customer satisfaction and service, and uncompromising quality and attention to detail, at a reasonable price, we must limit the number of our projects.   

We thoroughly enjoy the building process.  In some cases we are the first hired by the clients and take the responsibility of putting the design team together, for the project.  Our resources are great and we enjoy matching our clients with appropriate design professionals.  In other cases, we are brought in during the preliminary design process, for design development pricing, which is one of our strengths.  With our strong background in structure and mechanical/electrical systems, we have the ability to give real time cost feedback without the costly process of fully documented drawings.  

We feel that we are afforded a privilege to work on our clients homes, and we treat it as such.  We understand that quality and budget are foremost to our clients and make every attempt to meet their expectations.

Thank You,
Gabrielle and Bernie Flather

Build it Green Member